How Do We Get An Affiliate Store?

Here at Gear4Gamers we don’t make you apply or wait all you need to do is purchase any item in our Build Your Store section and your good to go.

What are the benefits of Affiliate Store?

Your affiliate store will earn you commission. Commission is payed out every £25 per sale you will earn 10%.You will also be given a discount code on sales with the discount code you will receive no commission!

Commission can be used as a method of payment towards product add-ons within your store just contact us on the contact form or email

What’s Pricing On Production For affiliate Stores?

Crew Neck Jersey/V-Neck Jersey £40

Long Sleeve Crew Neck Jersey £45

Snapback £30

Logo Hoodie £25

Poster £20

Logo T-shirt £15

Mouse Pad £15

XL Mouse Pad £35

Flag £30

Pro Hoodie £55

Pro Zip Hoodie £55

Pro Jacket £55

Where are you based?

We Operate out of the United Kingdom however we have production facilities in 

United Kingdom



Generally we will use the closest facilities however for some colour ways or products they may only be available from certain facilities.